Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Top Countdown Shows Too Hot for TV

Lately, it seems when you turn on the television, you can't flip the channels for a few minutes without running into a bad countdown show. I would have to say some of the worst I have come across are CMT's 20 Best City Songs (which I actually watched for a few minutes before they lost me with a tease of a song after the commercial break about Abilene, Texas) and E!'s 101 Juiciest Hollywood Hookups. I was actually sent an e-mail of some countdown shows that were rejected.

Here are the Top 9 Hottest Countdown Shows that apparently didn't make the cut, in no order:

9. C-SPAN Presents the 20 Widest Stances in Washington D.C. History

8. ESPN's Top 50 Cliches and Catchphrases We Have Ruined Hosted by Dick Vitale & Stuart Scott and presented in HD by Budweiser, the King of Beers, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry now available on DVD!

7. The Travel Channel presents 10 All-Time Biggest Payouts We Have Received From The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau for constantly airing shows touting Las Vegas.

6. MTV Presents the 9 Videos We Actually Played in 2007 hosted by Some Dumb Blond Girl From Either Newport Harbor, The Hills, or Laguna Beach.

5. Bravo Proudly Presents 10 More Shows That Will Scare Rednecks Away From Our Network

4. VH1 Presents The Top 15 Losers, Has-Beens, Re-Treads, and Former Crack Addicts That We Have Lined Up For Their Own Show Next Fall!

3. The Big Ten Network Presents the 20 Loudest Laughs We Received from Cable & Satellite Executives When We Told Them Our Fees & Our Desire to be on Basic Channel Lineups!

2. Lifetime Presents the top 10 Most Courageous Domestic Abuse Victims

1. Spike TV Presents the Top 100 Domestic Abuse Victims Who Had It Coming (Especially On Game Day When My Team Loses And I Have Had A Few Cold Ones With The Boys, Aww Come Back Baby! Where Are You Going to Go? Your Mom's? Ha! I'll Hunt You Down Over There!)

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