Thursday, October 18, 2007

BROKE NEWS 10/18/07

Nearly A Dozen Girls Not Dressing Like Sluts This Halloween

ST. LOUIS (SP) - A year after 100% of girls in St. Louis dressed in slutty costumes, reports indicate that nearly a dozen girls will not be dressing slutty this Halloween. The October surprise has sent shock waves through the male community, and threatens to return the holiday to it's intended purpose.

A visibly shaken Clayton man choked back tears at happy hour Monday as he commented on the situation, "I just didn't see this coming, for years now I have been getting used to seeing sexy maids, sexy schoolgirls, and sexy flappers roaming the bars on Halloween, hell, last year I even saw a sexy Tony LaRussa!"

The nearly twelve girls are apparently considering dressing in a costume that is either scary or humorous. The nearly twelve girls were contacted for this story, but declined comment.

Bates Hackley, the owner of Costumes 'N Things in Chesterfield expressed optimism that the nearly twelve girls who are considering not dressing as sluts would change their minds before the end of the month. "Why would they not want the attention? Why would they not want the ego boost?" he asked. Despite the news, Hackley said that business has been brisk at his suburban store. "Some of the top sellers this year have been the sexy Imo's Driver, the sexy Highway 40 Construction Worker, and the sexy Karen Foss, So the man who is looking to fill up his wack-off slide show should still have many options."

Despite the shocking news, men everywhere should still be able to ogle well over 99% of girls dressing up this Halloween.

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