Monday, October 15, 2007

THE Attempted Sodomy of a Minor

Being a former student in Ohio, I kinda have a friendly rivalry with Ohio State University and it's rabid fans. So, naturally I couldn't help but chuckle when I settled down to a nice episode of To Catch a Predator the other night, and saw that they were doing a sting in rural Greenville, Ohio, near the Indiana border. Apparently, this episode is from 2006, but I had not seen it yet. I checked all my To Catch a Predator DVD's, even the bootlegs, and it wasn't on any of them. So, I guess I just missed it somehow.

I personally wanted to see how long it would take until the first dude with an Ohio State University hat or shirt walked in the house, and as expected, it wasn't very long. Ol' boy with the mustache walked in about 10 minutes later, and the comedy ensued. Apparently, being number one in the polls isn't enough for these guys.
Here is the link if you care ....
Hang on Sloopy, I am about to come ... over


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